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United States
Thank you for checking out my page! I'm an aspiring artist who should upload more often.
I hope you like what you see! And feel free to talk to me, I won't bite.

Tumblr: justanotherjessicafan.tumblr.c…
I also have a discord, so if you want to talk to me there, just send a note my way and we can work things out! also if you're a fan of Jessica Jung I have a server dedicated to her so note me if you want to join


I got a tumblr. It'll probably be mostly a poetry dump space to be honest.
Celebrating pride month :heart: I really like the color red :D
This is my first painting like this. I think it was really fun! Maybe I'll do more and improve?
my babies
So, I did a redraw recently (link) that featured these three. However, as always, characters evolve and change as time goes on, and the same is true for these three. They aren't even a part of the Teen Titans universe anymore! So I went ahead and made two different colorings of them, one with their previous color schemes, and one with the current ones. I tried to keep their designs as sort of a mix between their past and current so that they wouldn't look too drastically different from the old drawing, but would still be recognizable as their current selves. If anyone is interested I can upload their full current versions and give you guys more of a backstory on them. Hope you enjoy!
So Adorable! (Reredraw)
I've just really been in the mood for redraws lately...And this one is special because it's my third time drawing it! :D I'll try to put the meme up soon but it will take some editing.

Initial Redraw:
Recently, I was going to unwatch someone.  I figured, why not?

I honestly couldn't remember watching the person in the first place.  I never really looked at their work, and they were basically clogging up my dash in my mind.  So, I went to their page and was about to hit the unwatch button when I decided to look and see how many watchers they had.

They had more than me.

This made me think.  I've never really been caught up in the amount of watchers that I have.  I post on this site sporadically (mainly due to the poor internet connection attributed with my area) and am generally proud of the accomplishments I have obtained.  I don't have a reason to have many watchers, and those watchers than I do have are mostly close friends, acquaintances, or (in one person's case) someone who I'd been admiring for years who actually noticed me one day and decided to watch me (ahhh :iconvocagumimegpoid: you beautiful human :heart:).  But this person had a lot more watchers than me, and that struck me.  Here I was, about to throw a person away, and they had more people looking forward to their art than I did mine.

You may figure that this made me more prone to want to unwatch them, like "oh, you're just one more person to them," but it didn't.  It just didn't.  In fact, I felt more prone than ever to NOT unwatch them.

The only time I've ever unwatched a person was when they unwatched me.  They had moved quite a few times to different accounts and I hadn't seen them for a while, but I was happy to find them again when recognizing their art style one day.  I sent them a note, they sent one back, and we both watched each other.  I considered them a very close friend of mine, and I was truly happy that I had found them again.  However, they didn't seem to feel the same, for, out of the blue, they unwatched me a few months later.  I guess they weren't satisfied with the artwork I was putting out, or maybe we weren't as close as I thought we were, but every time I saw their art after that reduced me to tears, and I unwatched them back shortly after.  It messed me up, and now I can't think about them without crying for fear that my actions made them upset.

I didn't unwatch the person I was originally planning to, but it wasn't just because of that past experience.  I truly believe this person can improve and do good in this world and this community.  I mean, I have plenty of people who took a chance with my art and have stuck with me to this day, and I can only hope that they're proud of the artist I've become.  One person in particular, :iconstarsylveon11:, was one of my first watchers on my very first account, and she not only has stuck with me throughout all this time, but has also become a lifelong friend that I couldn't imagine being without.  I hope one day I can be the person who both watches and inspires people throughout their journey on this site, just as she did me.  There are so many people on this site and in real life that I cherish beyond comprehension, and I hope you all know how much I care for you.  I know I could never list all of you off, but please know that you are all beautiful people.

I'm sorry if this came off as pointless rambling, but I just wanted to share this experience.  Thank you.


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